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The game of go is the world's most fascinating board game.

Hinoki Press is pleased to offer English translations of top-quality, advanced go study materials.
  Our focus is to encourage the popularity of the game and the strength of our go community.

The effort to improve and personal progress come before ratings, rankings, wins or losses.
  If you find that opportunities to improve are revealed in defeat, go is the game for you.
    We encourage all go players to play for enjoyment and self improvement. 

Your participation, now, is important; it's good for you, good for us, and good for the game of go.
  We (authors, publishers, distributors) depend upon you, the dedicated go player.
    Buy books for yourself, buy them for your friends, and teach others to play.
      Future players will want this type of material in their time.

Use our Book Shelf to help manage your own book collection.

The American Go Association provides many links to important go resources.
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Go clubs recognized by the AGA may consolidate member orders, 
  and receive a 20% discount for delivery to one address.
    E-mail to learn shipping costs for larger orders.